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More than a decade ago, Forbes set out to create a space that celebrates industrial captains, innovators, founders, etc. Today, it’s now the definitive list of forward-thinking individuals changing the world.

Kehinde Ipaye is a very good, intelligent, and successful businessman, whether you’ve known him before now or not, chances are high that you’ve come in contact with a diesel delivery mobile app, you have come in contact with him. Kehinde Ipaye is best known for founding Arbitos Business Operations Ltd, a diesel supply company based in Lagos, Nigeria. A multi–million Naira oil and gas downstream business that is well known not just for its diesel timely delivery but also as a tech-back diesel delivery company with Arbitos Diesel mobile App one of the most used mobile apps in the oil and gas sector in Nigeria. Kehinde Ipaye is not just an entrepreneur, but also a top executive, founder, and investor who has participated in world-class business forums across the globe. Those are some hefty credentials.

When the Forbes invitation came knocking many were not surprised, but millions nodded in acceptance of well-deserved honor, and many believe he deserves more than that. In honesty, Kehinde Ipaye warrants national recognition for his solution-driven impact on business. The Forbes invitation is evidence of ungratefulness towards a valuable national asset.

An invitation to Major Forbes is not a case of mistaken identity but, an honor of hardworking, dedication, and an uphill task also help raises morale, and elevates the individual commitment level to focus and concentrate more on goals. Forbes events as been tagged as the coming together of business leaders, innovators, and captains of industry. An event that profiles the world’s leading CEOs, and CMOs, celebrating ingenuity, an invitation-only extended to those who truly deserve it.

The invitation came as an appreciation of a true hustler, who founded the company from zero to one of the best and strongest diesel delivery ventures in the country. An invitation of celebration, a well-zoomed lens on a charismatic champion and a businessman per distinction.
Kehinde Ipaye, a diesel-preneur, and now tech-preneur, is well on his well to building a fin-tech empire, owned two major businesses in Nigeria, Arbitos Business Operations Ltd and RocketPay Ltd mobile app, an app that promises much awaiting uncommon features in most bill payment apps. Forbes celebrates entrepreneur achievement, empowerment, and excellence across industries over the years by scouting out the best and the brightest, selecting those who excel in leadership, philanthropy, mentorship, business, and strategic know-how. An invite to such a vintage congregation is an appreciation and a concession of Kehinde Ipaye’s charismatic business fitness.

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