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Cooking Gas

Downstream plays a strategic role in ensuring energy security in Lagos State

Lagos State is a major strategic hub for the downstream petroleum sector in Nigeria in terms of import terminals and consumption volumes.

With our vision to become commercially viable, create jobs and contribute to Lagos State’s economic development, Arbitos is committed to delivering value-added quality services to both internal and external customers, while ensuring that our operations are managed efficiently in a safe and sustainable manner.

Arbitos Oil & Gas Limited downstream operations spans across the supply value chain of procurement, storage, transportation and distribution.

Arbitos Diessel Supply

Abitos Oil and Gas Limited (Arbitos) Retail Filling Station proposes to market accurate quantity and quality Diessel, petroleum products with excellent service delivery.

Cooking Gas

Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) is a clean-burning, low carbon fossil fuel, emitting virtually no soot and produces extremely low levels of carbon dioxide. 

Lubricants Oil

MAX2050 (SAE 20W 50) high performance multigrade engine oil and IBILE SYN (SAE 5W 30) fully synthetic lubricant; both high quality engine oil formulated for diverse 

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