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Arbitos Oil & Gas Ltd, a renowned fast growing oil company in the downstream sector in Lagos Nigeria has announced Lawrence Komiyo Adefemi also known as Fekomi as executive director/co-owner.

A few months after Arbitos Oil & Gas limited launched the Arbitos Diesel delivery mobile app that enable buyers to order diesel from the comfort of their homes, the company has recorded a high significant profit. The oil & gas company introduced yet another local investment to drive Arbitos business further and consolidate on it’s market share.

Lawrence Komiyo Adefemi who is the Md ceo of Fekomi global Ltd acquired the needed shares in Arbitos Oil & Gas Limited to be an executive director/co-owner.

ADEFEMI Komiyo Lawrence is the Md ceo of Fekomi global Ltd , a wellness company that was single handedly grown by him from zero 0$ to over 5M $ in less than 4 years “ . will bring his wealth of experience and resources to the oil and gas sector.

The company took to all communication channels to announce Lawrence Komiyo Adefemi as the new executive director of Arbitos oil & gas limited in grand-style signing ceremony held in Lagos.

Mr. Lawrence Komiyo Adefemi as an executive director, combined with deep passion for promoting products through creative marketing, will help further advance the mission of the company as an organization that keep pushing people oriented products. We are thrilled to welcome Lawrence Komiyo Adefemi says Kehinde Ipaye, MD/CEO Arbitos Oil & Gas Limited.
“He will bring experience, enthusiasm, great communication, marketing skills and a fresh air to the organization. We feel very lucky to have Mr. Lawrence Komiyo Adefemi and looking forward to a successful and invigorating leadership management with him.

Lawrence Komiyo Adefemi will deliver a concrete partnership, trust and a happy customer policies.
As you’re aware, Arbitos oil & gas limited is one of the leading diesel distribution companies in Nigeria.
Responding to questions. Mr. Lawrence Komiyo Adefemi started that through the business importance of the partnership, Arbitos oil & gas will eventually boost production output and many more.

Arbitos oil & gas Ltd is a key player in the diesel distribution sector.
According to a report, “Arbitos oil and gas limited took the oil and gas sector by storm years back, through dedication, tenacity, sagacity and commitment, had the opportunity of working with innovators and multinational companies on various projects.

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