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How innovation, flexibility allow Arbitos Oil & Gas stay ahead of the curve, meet changing customers’ needs, by Ipaye

An accomplished administrator and a resilient go-getter whose exemplary life of integrity and hardwork is worth emulating, Kehinde Korede Ipaye, Managing Director/CEO, Arbitos Oil and Gas Limited has distinguished himself as a highflying professional endowed with administrative prowess, business intelligence and organisational skills.

He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from University of Lagos, and also attended leadership development programs such as the Program for Institute of management consultant Nigeria (IMC)

Kehinde started off with Arbitos business operations before taking over the company fully in 2019. In 2020, he restructured the company and changed the name to Arbitos Oil and Gas Ltd, and Jaunched a diesel delivery App which went viral and made him one of the most sought personalities in the downstream of the oil and gas industry. Immediately after the launch of the app, the company got nominated for the top 100 most fastest growing SMEs in Nigeria. Shortly after that, under his leadership, the company again secured a multi billion naira deal with an energy firm in Lagos.

In this interview with The Guardian, the Arbitos boss speaks on issues as it concerns running a complex and dynamic company like Arbitos Oil and Limited. Excerpts….
Strategies for Portfolio Expansion
Good product, great human resources is good business. We focus our energy and resources where unlocking the power of products can make the greatest difference to the lives of customers and businesses, protect and enhance the environment, and generate significant value for our shareholders and other stakeholders alike. Our focus is on providing products that are right for customer’s life style and business which helps us to be a force for good.

As a company, we continuously evolve our product offerings to meet customers need and excite customer’s preferences. We strive for a balanced pursuit of financial growth through rapid innovation, operational efficiency and resource allocation. Our long-term strategy ensures we deliver consistent, sustainable

New product development is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge over competitors in the market. By expanding into new territories, we’re to tap into new markets and offer new products to existing customers, while also reaching new customers.

In addition, expanding our services into new territories help ensure that our products and services are accessible to as many customers as possible. We always get this correctly, this boost result in increased sales and profits for us.

I strongly advise small businesses to begin developing new products at any time and introduce them to the public as soon as they are ready. This flexibility allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve and meet changing customers’ needs – one of Arbitos business operation strategy that works wonder.

Arbitos Oil & Gas as a unique oil company

Let’s get it straight, the Oil and Gas Industry is playing an important role in the energy transition by providing the affordable and reliable energy needed to fuel fair growth and improved living conditions for all. As an organization operating in the downstream sector of oil and gas industry, our unique selling point is delivering value at every point of call, we make sure customers don’t just get what they order, they always get value added services.

Arbitos business focuses on customer-centric way of doing business providing a positive customer experience before and after sale. In order to drive repeat business, enhance customer loyalty and improve business growth. However, as a customer-centric company it requires more than offering good customer

We are developing and idea that present Arbitos customer-centric strategy a case- study mechanism for other business in Africa. As a customer-centric brand that has spent years creating a culture around the customer and their needs, our commitment in delivering customer value is genuine. In fact, Arbitos is happy to path-ways with anybody that does not fit within our customer-centric culture.

The Arbitos diesel mobile app is developed to help businesses, homes, hospitals, schools with quality diesel supply to their doorsteps. Arbitos diesel mobile app provides buyers with an easy, simple, and best channel to order diesel from their comfort zone, at the best possible price, as well as the ability to carry out other necessary activities such as investment opportunities in the diesel supply business.

Highlight of Services Rendered

Let me surprise you, our biggest and most successful products in Arbitos over the years is happy customers, how happy our customers remain the biggest and the most valuable assets we have. Yes, we derived this from diesel supply, Arbitos lubricant oil, cooking gas and others.

Challenges and Solutions in the Nigerian Business Environment

In 2023, Nigeria’s oil sector was riddle with numerous challenges, most notably the end of subsidy regime which triggered the fuel scarcity that hit different parts of the country and also crippled businesses. This is one of the biggest challenge in recent times, however, none of our existing customer’s business was affected due to our commitment to keep customers business operating.

Arbitos business operation has demonstrated outstanding innovation and achievement in the oil and gas downstream sector, particularly in the development of our cutting-edge diesel delivery mobile app. We have designed and developed a highly versatile and market-ready diesel to doorstep technology solution that can be effortlessly white-labeled for any diesel station. Arbitos mobile app stands out as a game changer in the oil and gas downstream sector and represents a pinnacle of innovation in the industry.

The Next Big Things
The oil and gas industry are constantly evolving the future of the industry is full of possibilities. Here are some plans for the future. Expanding beyond the walls of Nigeria into other West Africa countries, we are working on retail outlets within Lagos and other states, more deport within the south west to start with.

Source: The Guardian

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