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Many businesses are struggling for survival, while some have suspended operations due to difficulties in securing quality diesel supply to keep business running smoothly. Stress-free diesel delivery remains a major challenge and kill business by hundreds yearly, a survey conducted by a business association based in Lagos had shown.

Today, quality diesel is a major business tool, especially in Africa where the power supply remains nothing to write home about. 10th of December 2022, remains a memorable day in Africa’s oil and gas sector as Arbitos Business Operations launched its most awaited Arbitos diesel mobile app (diesel mobile app). Arbitos diesel mobile app will help ease demand and supply across the country.

Diesel is a major business tool, the Arbitos diesel mobile app is developed to help businesses, homes, and hospitals, with quality diesel supply to their doorsteps, says Mr. Kehinde Ipaye, MD, CEO of Arbitos Business Operations. Arbitos diesel mobile app will be available on IOS, android users with a friendly graphical interface.

Arbitos diesel mobile app, at its core, the mission is to utilize technology to solve diesel supply problems, right now, the Arbitos diesel mobile app focuses on providing an easy diesel ordering platform for prospective buyers all over Nigeria, with further expansion planned in the coming years, says Mr. Kehinde Ipaye.

Arbitos diesel mobile app provides buyers with an easy, simple, and best channel to order diesel from their comfort zone, at the best possible price, as well as the ability to carry out other necessary activities such as investment opportunities in the diesel supply business.

Mr. Segun Badmus, a hotelier in Ogba, Lagos, it is almost impossible to access top-quality diesel stress-free, however, the Arbitos diesel mobile app help bridge that gap. Arbitos diesel mobile app is in operation in Nigeria, where we currently served more than 1 million customers and more through offline demand, says Mr. Kehinde Ipaye.

The app is mostly considered safe, easy, and helpful, from ordering diesel, and product availability confirmation to a secure payment platform. MD/CEO, Mayfair Microfinance Bank, in his speech, Arbitos diesel mobile app is unmatched, in the oil and gas industry, a first of its kind, a truly game changer. I believe business owners can count on the app for quality diesel any day, anytime.

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