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Areport on the “state of entrepreneurship in Nigeria 2021” has revealed that 43 and 67 percent of entrepreneurs in the country are women and youth; those brackets fall 18 and 35 years respectively.

In a country of millions of successful entrepreneurs delivering valuable results with various skills and technology – standing out with laudable results in such a poll of talents is an arduous task.

After discovering that millions of Nigerian businesses failed over irregular power supply, Mr. Kehinde Ipaye, MD/CEO, Arbitos Business Operations promised to help Nigerian business owners, then he found an answer through determination in the diesel delivery business – and a thriving business in the process.

Today, Arbitos Business operation, a diesel supply company has been ranked among Nigeria’s 100 fastest-growing SMEs by BusinessDay Newspaper.

Haven’t been listed, nominated, and awarded a vivid signal of hard work, dedication, and commitment to client’s services and entrepreneurship support over the years.

In his reaction, Mr. Kehinde Ipaye, MD/CEO Arbitos Business Operations described the recognition as a win for the company‘s staff, key stakeholders, and Nigeria’s oil and gas sector.

“We are both excited and honored at this recognition from BusinessDay as a proudly Nigeria brand with a rich heritage stretching back years of hard work and experience, we are elated to have been able to build a sustainable business through the support and loyalty of our investors, stakeholders, staff and clients. We are grateful for their support over the years, Says Mr. Ipaye.

Beyond building a sustainable business, we have also been passionate about contributing our quota towards growing diesel supplies in the country with the introduction of Arbitos Diesel Mobile App that fits for purpose, is easily convenient, and is adaptable to the needs of today’s increasingly sophisticated clients.

Accordingly, this recognition is a timely reminder that even though the majority of businesses survive on diesel supply in the country, it still has a key role to play in the evolving business matrix of the continent’s development.

Established in 2010 as a diesel supply vendor, Arbitos has evolved over the years and diversified into a full giant trusted oil & gas company with an interest in PMS, Kerosene, bitumen, industrial lubricants, etc.

Arbitos currently operates one of the largest diesel delivery trucks in the south-west of Nigeria, with the introduction of Arbitos Diesel Mobile App a true game changer and one of the oil and gas smartest clients’ orientated innovations – helping the brand get stronger on daily basis.


Mr. Kehinde Ipaye, disclosed that despite the global oil & gas challenges they are glad to be recognized among the best in the country, “this is as a result of our determination, steady business growth, and client satisfaction.

Our growth mandate has garnered attention throughout the country, and we are overjoyed by this recognition and achievement, we will continue to improve on what we do best, which is sustainably helping client businesses grow.

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